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Electronic Cigarette Structure Engineer

Job Requirements:

● Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of work experience in structural design of e-cigarette products (required);

● Familiar with the structural design of the product: 3D modeling, disassembly, PCB stacking and detailed design of spare parts according to the ID diagram design;

● Familiar with relevant materials, mold processing and manufacturing, production molding and surface treatment technology;

● Able to independently complete product structure design and product follow-up, with strong analytical and problem-solving abilities;

● Possess a good sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit, and experience in digital electronic product development such as e-cigarettes and mobile phones is preferred.

Electronic Cigarette Flavor Engineer

Job Requirements:

● Responsible for the company's product flavor identification, quality control of finished products in and out of the warehouse;

● Responsible for the determination and elimination evaluation of flavor standard samples; timely replace expired samples, samples that do not meet market requirements, and samples that need to be upgraded for technical improvement, and establish standard sample files;

● Responsible for the comparison and summary of the flavor analysis of foreign samples and company samples, and write the flavor report;

● Responsible for the flavor quality control of the production process (after fine separation and flavor arrangement);

● Responsible for the preparation and delivery of inspection reports for raw materials and finished products;

● Responsible for the assessment of the flavor quality of new product development in the laboratory;

● More than 3 years of experience in the electronic cigarette industry;

● Proficient in using Excel, Word, PPT and other office software.

Electronic Cigarette Atomizer Engineer

Job Requirements:

● Bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years of experience in e-cigarette taste debugging and e-liquid debugging;

● Familiar with Office, Visio, Project and other office software;

● Experienced in internal audit and supplier audit for ISO9000-2015 quality management system and ISO14000-2015 environmental management system;

● Identify with the corporate culture and business philosophy, and be willing to grow and develop together with the company.