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1. Standard Business Demand And Supply Capability Communication
In this phase we get to know the basic business information, requirements and capability of each other.

2. Product Definition
① CELLULAR WORKSHOP submits multiple ID designs, quotation ranges and market analyses respectively, for the client’s reference, until the client is satisfied.
② Client chooses a design that perfectly matches his or her market plan.

3. Product Structure Design
CELLULAR WORKSHOP designs the internal structure of the chosen vape product until the functions, reliability, aesthetics and cost meet the requirements of both parties.

4. Customization On Flavor, Device Printing And Package
① Client provides e-juice flavor requirements. Meanwhile CELLULAR WORKSHOP provides professional suggestions & assistance.
② Client provides product device printing and package printing requirements. CELLULAR WORKSHOP will also offer as much help as demanded so that the designs meet market needs.
③ Sample Approval

5. Mass Production
After the customized samples are approved, CELLULAR WORKSHOP can start the preparation of customized materials and the mass production, as long as the agreed advance payment has arrived on time.

6. Delivery
When the final vape products pass the inspections of both CELLULAR WORKSHOP and of the client, the client shall arrange the balance payment. After payment, CELLULAR WORKSHOP will deliver the ready products per the purchase order.

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