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C172 Best No Nicotine Disposable Vape


Disposable vape device is another popular type of electronic cigarette product. It comes as an integrated unit of a battery and a prefilled cartridge. The cartridge can be refillable or closed but cannot be taken down from the battery. The battery also has two options: rechargeable or non-rechargeable.

 Brand: ODM/OEM

 Manufacturer: Yes

 Function: One Time Use

● Type: Disposable Vape Pens

 Ejuice Flavors: Mint, Mango etc

 Customization: Package, Pen Design etc

  • Size: 43*18.3*82.8mm
  • Battery Capacity: Rechargeable Battery 500mAh
  • E-juice Capacity: 8ml
  • Charging Port: Type C
  • Product Detail

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    The Most Advanced Mesh Coil

    Product Description


     With the increasing number of disposable e-cigarettes on the market, we understand that customers are looking for a device that provides more than just the basics. That's why we've combined some of the latest technology and design elements to create something truly unrivaled.

     Our disposable vape has a classic, elegant design that exudes sophistication and style. It's perfect for those who want to make a statement with their vaping device.

     One of the outstanding features of our vape is its compact size, making it very portable and easy to carry. You just put it in your pocket or purse and take it with you. This feature makes it ideal for busy people who don't want to compromise on their vaping experience.

     In our company, we also understand that customization is important to many customers. That's why we offer endless customization options, including different colours, flavors and nicotine levels to suit your unique preferences. Whether you prefer nicotine-free or low-nicotine e-liquids, we've got you covered.

     Our company prides itself on producing high-quality disposable e-cigarettes that are safe, reliable, and a joy to use. If you're looking for a high-quality disposable vape near you, look no further than our classic design, portable size vapes. Share your love for vaping with us and experience the difference today!






    Battery Capacity

    Rechargeable Battery 500mAh

    E- Juice Capacity


    Charging Port

    Type C

    Salt Nicotine

    0% - 5%

    Factory Direct



    4000 puffs


    Mesh Coil




    Classy Design

     Portable Size

     Type-C Rechargeable Battery

     Large E-liquid Capacity

     LED Breathing Indicator

     Customization Available


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