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UK Healthcare Hub Views Vaping As An Effective Quit Method


Yes, UK healthcare professionals view vaping as an effective quit method. The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK recommends using electronic cigarettes as a way to quit smoking. The NHS states that using an e-cigarette is likely to be much less harmful than smoking tobacco and that it can help people quit smoking. Additionally, the Royal College of Physicians, another major healthcare organisation in the UK, has published a report that concluded that e-cigarettes are likely to be beneficial to UK public health.


UK healthcare professionals view vaping as an effective quit method. While the long term safety of vaping is still being studied, UK healthcare professionals are increasingly recognizing that vaping is an effective way to help people quit smoking. Specifically, the UK National Health Service (NHS) recommends vaping as a smoking cessation aid, noting that it can help reduce cravings for nicotine and the urge to smoke. The NHS also recommends that smokers use a licensed nicotine-containing e-cigarette to increase their chances of successful quitting.

This healthcare hub provides wide ranging free advice and information for NHS staff and patients who smoke, on successfully using vaping as a highly effective quit method.

Vaping is now seen as one of the most effective ways to break the smoking habit and there is a growing recognition in the NHS of the role that it can play in addressing continuously rising hospital admissions from tobacco-related conditions. The resources and information in the hub draws on the experience of vaping specialists across the country who have helped some 2.4m people quit smoking altogether through transitioning to vape devices.

Vaping devices have been found to be more effective in helping people to quit smoking than traditional nicotine replacement therapies such as patches and gum, and even e-cigarettes. Many people have found that they can transition from cigarettes to an e-cigarette with relative ease and that the transition helps them to quit smoking. With the UK Healthcare Hub’s support, more people are now able to access advice and support for quitting smoking and can be provided with the resources necessary to make the transition to vaping.

We hope that the advice and information proves invaluable and leads to even more successful quits amongst smokers.

Post time: Mar-29-2023